Latitud Formation


with a Delaware tostada.

Start your company

From investor commitment to money in the bank in 10 days

Local and offshore setup in one place

Tailored to Brazilian startups raising angel and pre-seed rounds

  • Delaware LLC
  • Brazilian LTDA

The Delaware tostada

Cost-effective solution

For those who need an international legal entity but are not raising a big round yet.

Optimized for flexibility

Your LLC can later be flipped into Cayman sandwich based on your fundraising needs.

Ideal for SAFE rounds

Sign your first agreements in as little as 5 days, and cash in your investors' checks in 10 days.

Who it is for

Startups operating in Brazil.

Getting investment from angels, accelerators or smaller VCs.

Raising between USD $50k and $500k.

What you get in record time

Industry-standard company setup in three jurisdictions at a fraction of the time and cost.

All of your incorporation documents stored in a secured data room.

Local and international bank account setup with top-tier banking partners.

Support in wiring down the money from the Cayman Islands to your operations.

Introductions to trusted legal and financial advisors to help maintain your structure.

How it works


Collecting information

You provide info and docs needed to get the process started.


International setup

We open your legal entity in the United States


Foreign bank accounts

We get your bank accounts set up to receive investments.


Setup in Brazil

We open your LTDA under the offshore structure.


Local bank account

We help you move your money downstream.

Start your company


Not getting the right corporate governance when we're investing in a company in Brazil can have pretty significant consequences. Latitud Formation is making this much easier.

David Haber,

General Partner at a16z

Photo of David Haber,

Latitud Formation will have an amazing impact on future exits we'll have in Latin America.

Antonia Rojas Eing

Partner at ALLVP

Photo of Antonia Rojas Eing